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This review may contain spoilers.

Every new discovery is just a reminder- we’re all small and stupid.

The second ‘Daniels’ collaboration is an extremely weird, esoteric, way too sexual and bombastic ‘everything AND the kitchen sink’ triumph.
I’m not huge on multi-verse style stuff, usually as I find that by incorporating everything, it makes a lot of it lifeless, or even pointless. But here, despite it sagging in the middle for this reason, that’s exactly the point of the whole thing.

All of us are dumb humans, looking for reason to continue- with the power to hurt and also the strength to give hope and love to others in our hands. This film shows how easily we can flip those switches. The infinite paths both of these choices can make- and the importance to continue in hope that the switch pull is correct next time.

It’s an absolute miracle of a film- that while imperfect, is truly the most original and daring feat in some time. The entire cast thrills in this- and Michelle Yeoh gets the lead she always deserved.

This week, I needed to this reminder that I can stuff up too, and that the rebuild is possible. For I’m in this universe, and I wouldn’t change it for anything. Let’s make what we have better.

Despite its imperfections, the things I wish it didn’t do, this is FIVE STAR CLUB material. A brilliant original vision that will be talked about for decades to come- and it deserves all the eyes, human and googly, on it.

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