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  • Yojimbo



    There are plenty of parallels between samurai movies and cowboy flicks but Yojimbo felt the most explicitly like “there’s a new sheriff in town” tale. Was Clint Eastwood basing his characters off of Toshirō Mifune all along?

  • The Avengers

    The Avengers


    The first 90 mins of this is The Breakfast Club for superheroes but everyone has their conversations with their fists. And the last hour turns into a CGI war zone. 

    Ironman: cool dickhead
    Captain America: narc
    Thor: dumb fratbro
    Hulk: emo bookworm
    Black Widow: teachers pet
    Hawkeye: lame-o
    Loki: punkass lil bitch
    Nick Fury: smug principal

    When did Joss Whedon become so obsessed with Dutch angles?

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  • Frankenstein



    Hooptober V: Fresh Blood


    I was blessed to see this in the theater to a sold out crowd. The first time Boris Karloff walked through the door and turned to the camera was mesmerizing. There were other great moments to see on the big screen—the grave digging, the ”Its alive!” sequence, the father carrying his dead child through the streets, the angry mob—but the big reveal particularly stood out. 

    The melodramatic side story with the grumpy baron and the wedding did feel disruptive to the rest of the film. I think that subplot was fine but could have been integrated a bit smoother.

  • Safe



    In my opinion, what Todd Haynes has created here is a horror movie. With it's allusions to the AIDS epidemic, the monster in this movie is uncertainty, fear and unease. Julianne Moore gives a harrowing performance that left me as petrified as her character.