Captain Marvel ★★★★★


Carol Danvers has always been my favorite for years and this fucking movie did her so much justice. From the nods/parallels of the comics to Kelly Sue’s cameo, this is a perfect vision of who Carol is and what she can do. They did SO much that I found myself so fucking shook from what they kept hidden. I knew Brie was going to do an amazing job but she fucking did a phenomenal job at bringing Carol to life. 

The supporting cast delivered amazing performances. I’m finding it hard to critique the film because I truly loved it so much. I’ve been waiting for Carol’s arrival, so when I sat there in my seat, I wasn’t looking for something to pick apart. I wanted to hear her story all over again. 

Sure the film has it flaws (it’s recently underfire from critics calling it one of the worst MCU films), but who cares? I was so happy listening to the audience cheer, gasp, and laugh at what was happening. They finally know who Carol is and what she can really do. 

I knew it was going to happen but this is my favorite MCU film.

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