Spider-Man: Far From Home

Spider-Man: Far From Home ★★★★

me, post-endgame: in denial of tony stark’s death
far from home: grow up bitch, he’s GONE 

but wowza, I loved this (duh, I’m a biased dumbass marvel stan) but my favorite thing about this movie is how much they amp MJ to an actual character. Of course they have the whole “I want her” (Peter) “So do I, so we’re going to fight over her” (Brad), but MJ proves to be an intelligent, courageous character that is as always unapologetic but also not afraid to express her emotions and be aware of how that comes off to others. And I also love Zendaya so much, hehe. 

Also, I know I always say “I hate him” (jokingly) but goddamn it Jake Gyllenhaal kills it as Mysterio. Literally KILLS it. I’m happy to report that he does indeed do his Jake Gyllenhaal Scream™️. But he really can play a charming villain. Also, that one scene with Peter (no spoilers) was crazy because he knows exactly how to hit him where it hurts. Ugh I hate him. 

I just really liked this film. It was a great way to clean up Endgame (that opening scene was hilarious but also sad), but also the start of a new era. In my opinion, this film probably has the best mid & post credits scene lately (EXCLUDING CAPTAIN MARVEL’S PAGER). The mid-credit made me GASP out loud. THEY REALLY DID THAT!!!!!!! The post credits scene...oh hell yeah this is a new era of the MCU. 

P.S. to anyone who has played PS4’s Spider-man, did you catch any similarities/nods?/parallels from the game and the movie? There were multiple things that reminded me so much of the game. 

P.P.S the Tony Stark/Iron Man workshop from the films nod that Happy does fucking killed me. I miss Tony so much

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