Drive My Car

Drive My Car ★★★★★

PIFF 2022 Day 7 Film #19

"Those who survive keep thinking about the dead. In one way or another, that will continue. You and I must keep living like that. We must keep on living. It'll be OK. I'm sure we'll be OK."

Such a perfect film to end the festival with.

This was my best theatrical experience at PIFF this year, and re-watching it on a big screen jam-packed with audience on every seat made me realize how impactful the uses of silence were and it also found its way in my Top 3 of 2021.

I will be happy as long as Drive My Car or The Power of the Dog bags up the majority of awards at Academy's this time, despite all the snubs.

The dialogue-heavy scenes and the pin-drop silence scenes had the same level of impact, and the masterful camerawork on top of that.
Absolutely one of the best films that came out last year.

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