Drive ★★★★★

A crime film. A horror film. A thriller. Expressionism; all of these capture the feeling, and nature of 'Drive.' When I see this movie, I see a property that could have easily been mistreated by any other filmmaker. Nicolas Winding Refn has a style about him. Inspired by the likes of Ancient drama, Refn, as he would repeat in 'Only God Forgives,' uses violence to soothe the audience. 'Drive' is slow, somber and harrowing. But, in its moments of raw action, and tantalising horror does its true colours form. The crime, horror, thriller that was mentioned earlier is gone, and in its place is a reflection of the cinemas today. The audience is comfortable with violence. We don't get as touchy when it comes to gore as we used to. 'Saving Private Ryan,' 'Passion of The Christ,' 'Fast & The Furious,' 'Transformers' for fuck's sake! Refn knew how comfortable his audience is with violence. In his lead character being a reckless stunt driver, Refn constantly poked the finger at his audience, and in response, we devoured his obscure masterpiece.

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