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cinema is life and Shah Rukh Khan is fav

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  • The Babysitter: Killer Queen

    The Babysitter: Killer Queen


    Terminator was not the only film whose sequel was better, I loved Killer Queen more than the previous film.

    So, After 2 years (3 actually) McG is back with his satanic cult gang, with a bang. The pure sequel, good storyline, entertaining, crazier, stupid, and Jenna Ortega is so pretty that I'm in love with her.

    Are you guys missing Samara Weaving right? Go watch this film asap.

    🎬 Netflix

  • Mulan



    • Cinematography
    • Coloring

    Not Good:
    • Writing
    • Dialogs
    • Dialogue Delivery
    • OTT Actions

    Niki Caro tried her best to make a great live-action Mulan (as the animated one was) but everything looked basic as fuck. The acting was neither good nor bad.