Midsommar ★★★★★


Midsommar Director's Cut is an experience. Story felt better and I was like these almost 3 hours went very fast. Much better in the second viewing. The performances grow more in the second viewing, especially when it's a detailed version. The extra scenes bring the true colors of the characters.

Florence Pugh is phenomenal. Whenever she appeared on screen, I was like, she doesn't need to say anything, I felt her pain. She is worthy of every awards for the best actress in a lead role this year.

When I saw the Theatrical Cut, I was thinking about it the whole night, I think tonight will be the same. If I compare, Midsommar DC is better storytelling than Hereditary, but not scarier than Hereditary.

Mr. Ari Aster, I can't wait to see your next.

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