Eternals ★★★

This movie is not bad, not by any stretch of imagination—the Marvel machine is too well oiled to allow that to happen.

It’s also not particularly great. It has many of the bad marvel tropes from years gone by such as excessive focus on origins, big bad CGI villains, and threats of a doomsday that don't have much doom to them.

There’s a blandness, an aimlessness to Eternals that I don’t think was evident in earlier Marvel movies, but for some reason seems to be dripping out of this film.

My interest level has an inverse relationship to how many universes I need to keep track of, or how celestial a story is. I don’t know if the new era of Marvel will resonate with me the way previous ones have, but I’ve committed too much time to bail now.

P.S. Richard Madden is a ⭐️!

**Added on 6/11/21**
Thematically Eternals isn’t very deep. There’s a lot of exposition regarding what the characters feel the themes are, but there isn’t enough showing of themes through action.

Ironically, the subtext of fracturing within groups and trying to reunite might be a great metaphor for this movies place in the larger Marvel universe.

Also, on reflection the humour seemed odd. It’s as if they superimposed one-liners onto an already finished product.

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