Us ★★★★

“Many have no purpose at all.”

Us might lack the nuance and deft touch of Get Out, but it nonetheless remains an exceptionally well made social-horror movie.

Peele has great talent for dialogue, pacing, generating tension, and creating indelible images with visual metaphors of varying degrees of subtlety.

What I enjoy most about his work is its ability to spark conversations about its meaning. His work isn’t always ambiguous, but it has a level of thoughtfulness that lends itself to enjoyable debate.

For me Us is an interesting look at privilege, and what the true price of having is. It feels like it’s commenting on how our successes, happiness and comfort aren't always clean and virtuous—for one to rise another must be kept down. We forget how closely tethered our betterment can be to misfortune and pain of others.

The film has an almost misanthropic view of what it takes to rise above our station: ya gotta lie, steal, cheat, and kidnap. I can’t say I personally share this worldview, but it certainly feels like it captures a path towards having that many see as a legitimate way of being.

Side Note: Lupita is amazingx2!

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