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  • The Jericho Mile

    The Jericho Mile

    It’s all here, in his first made-for-TV feature – Michael Mann directing a movie about outlaws with their own codes, individually and collectively; one lonely, contemplative scene set to electronic music; a vision of the American dream dangled just out of reach, and the attitude you develop to survive when you know the score.

    Geoffrey Lewis, as the prison counsellor, asks Peter Strauss if he imagines wheatfields when he runs, but no – he is where he is, he does…

  • The Front Runner

    The Front Runner

    The mythos of Gary Hart as the one that got away in American presidential politics - that he was the great white hope who could have taken us back to Camelot, or at least, was a dead cert to win the White House and end the Reagan-Bush era, if the media hadn’t unprecedentedly turned tabloid and sunk him with sex scandal innuendo - is one that I’ve never really bought. To me he seems like a bit of a boob,…

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  • Filmmaker


    This is a documentary about Francis Ford Coppola, who at one point says, "The world is filled with guys who said, well, I'm gonna make the money and then I'll make the personal films. And somehow, they never get around to doing it."

    The director of this documentary is George Lucas.

  • Birdman


    There's a moment where Keaton says, "I've got the chance to do something important," at almost the exact time a bottle of Stella Artois clearly settles in the frame, and for some reason it stuck with me as a minor emblem of the movie's hollowness. Are they so crass as to put a product placement in there as the hero bears his soul? Or is this a deliberate nudge at his petty self-importance adrift in a world of commodity? It's…