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  • Soul



    Soul doesn't hit the high benchmark that Pete Docter set with his previous Pixar movies, but even if the story doesn't match the world-building, it's still a profound, inventive and often-hilarious look at what it means to be alive.

    Full review: www.digitalspy.com/movies/a34342538/soul-review-disney-plus-pixar/

  • The Boys in the Band

    The Boys in the Band


    It's a bit stagey and feels dated in parts, but the strong ensemble, led by a terrific Jim Parsons, ensure that The Boys in the Band still delivers an emotional punch and sharp humour.

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  • mother!



    I have now seen mother! and my main thought is fuuuuck. It's a bold, provocative and intense assault on the senses that will not be to everyone's tastes as it goes to some seriously dark places, with Jennifer Lawrence on captivating form. Whatever you think of it, you won't have seen anything like it.

  • Skyfall



    At times, Skyfall feels like a proper Bond film; at others, completely fresh and new. But at all times, is utterly brilliant. Wonderful nods to the series, stunning action and a truly excellent villain thanks to Bardem. Also, thanks to Deakin, it looks gorgeous.