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  • Sansho the Bailiff
  • Beau Travail
  • The Texas Chain Saw Massacre
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  • Nope



    Peele's increasing problem with having to live up to being 'the allegory guy' is that he expends so much effort on embellishing subtext that already comes naturally to the stories he's interested in, at the expense of character, tension, etc. Should've just been about the chimp. Hooted and hollered at The Congos and Exuma drops.

  • Exotica



    The way that Francis dementedly incorporates the 'no touching' policy into his ploy to lure Eric out of the club, reclaiming the previous night's mistake into carefully planned ritual... I can't think of another film whose ludicrously schematic plot only makes the undercurrent of pain and sorrow more raw. The stars were aligned on this one.

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  • Married to the Mob

    Married to the Mob


    More movies should have a 10-minute end credit sequence that recaps the movie using B-roll footage accompanied to a medley of songs the director likes.

  • God's Comedy

    God's Comedy


    Monteiro's João de Deus character is like Chaplin's Tramp combined with Chaplin's IRL sex life.