Satantango ★★★★★

I was daunting the 7 hour runtime at first but as I sit here watching the end credits, boy oh boy I just experienced a masterpiece, even though it is just over 7 hours not a frame of this really feels like it's gone to waste, every bit of this film is beautiful from cinematography to soundtrack (when there is a soundtrack) to dialogue and it just feels...complete.

This isn't a happy film at all, in fact it's quite bleak and depressing and drab but that doesn't stop it from dragging you into this small Hungarian town that'd been ravaged by communism and whilst it finally gets an out this pure bastard with a scheme comes along and tries to ruin them. Maybe it didn't need to be 7 hours at all but all 7 hours of it were excellent and it's a film I'll probably watch again

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