Stop Making Sense

Stop Making Sense ★★★★★

"Hi, I gotta tape I wanna play for you"

Bravo Demme for making the choice to isolate the music from the crowd, even though the crowd can be the crucial element to a live performance, what you get here is raw unfiltered fun and a heavy focus on just the band, its just great how well it brings out the performances from each member of the band.

David Byrne is one of the most charismatic motherfuckers I've ever seen, he just commands your attention throughout the whole show as hes always on his feet and drawing you in with his non stop movement and erratic yet smooth dancing and the BDE when he comes out for Girlfriend Is Better is wonderful and I don't think theres one song in this that disappoints and its unlike any other concert film I've seen, stupendously pulled off with marvelous results

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