All Quiet on the Western Front

All Quiet on the Western Front ★★★


a 150-minute display gut-wrenching horror that ultimately meanders to a subpar slog. this film is rarely complex, serving up a “war is bad” approach that is all too familiar. my issue with all quiet on the western front is that it takes a subtle approach to its core principles, which comes off as apathetic. its point is drilled into the audience within the first hour and a half, but by the end it doesn’t have much more to say than that. i’ve read that this is lacking some of the more integral scenes in the book, which makes a lot of sense. for a remake, it doesn’t add much to the pile of horrifying war movies that make the same point. while this story set up the ability for so many other war movies to be made, this film represents a missed opportunity to be something more. maybe the fault lies at the source material, or the direction’s strict obedience to what it’s adapting, but this doesn’t stand out. it tells the story it wants to tell well enough, but is that really worth rehashing for a remake if we don’t explore anything below the surface?

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