Phantom Thread

Phantom Thread ★★★★★

Intensified those same feelings from the first viewing, the general, contextless bouts of obsessive-compulsion that I struggled to describe before Professor Pyg took over. The terror of a world where there are right answers and wrong answers, and the obligation to them so completely overwhelming that the moments you’d think would chill and appall ("Are you worried that I don’t need you? I don’t.") are only expressions of that same "right" and "wrong," acceptable and un-. Somehow I felt a deeper sense of panic from a slip of measuring tape, falling from a dress, than from anything else here. But then comes the sadness, the rage, the wistfulness, the memories, the reconsiderations. How did Cyril view her half of their upbringing, anyway? Does Reynolds ever think about it? The mild disgust on Alma’s face when he talks about Mummy Dearest--so much about what we know and what we can’t and what we won’t. Almost a corollary to mother! in that way, a switcharound of stimulus-response: a primal reaction to something so utterly, utterly mannered.

[first journal entry: 1/21/2018]