Lady Bird ★★★★★

This is the first time I try to write a review for this movie because even though it was already one of my favorite movies, it's the first time I think I got to analyze and understand it as a whole. (and the first time I cried hard with it) 

For starters, every time I watch it again it gets even better. I can't address enough how real the movie seems, it's like we're following someone's life, and I love that. Apart from realistic, it's also relatable. Lady bird is kind of a regular teenager full of aspirations and ambitions and that's why everyone loves her, but also because she's human. Her relationship with her mom is also something most of us can relate to. I  love (I'm going to use the word love so much in this review because I definitely loved everything about it) the way Greta wrote both characters in such a way you can't say whether one of them is wrong. They're both human, therefore, they're both flawed, and in one way or another, we get them both. It's an amazing movie and a total must-watch, don't really have much to say because I'm afraid I'll cringe myself to death.

P.s:  All I want to do now is to dye my hair pink.

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