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This review may contain spoilers.


It’s going to be really hard to put all my feeling with this movie in words so bare with me. I also have to say that I just watched this so my feelings are quite fresh and all over the place but here we go;

(This is also really personal like deep, so if i know you, you are going to find out a lot of me that maybe i haven’t tell you, so please don’t be offended)

Lady Bird was fantastic. Going to see this film was terrifying, because of all the hype that has been going on with this film, and also because I love Greta Gerwin with every piece of my heart and I would be destroyed if I didn’t enjoy this film, but guess what, I really really really enjoyed it.

I could talk on and on, about how good these actors are, how beautiful Greta writes, and directs, and all those incredible technical aspect this film has, but for this one I am going in a different direction, I am going to talk about why these movie is so important to me, and did I love it so much, especially why did I find myself crying at the ending, and crying all the way back home for like a couple of minutes. This is not a sad film at all, my mom looked at me and told me “honey, that wasn’t sad, like, why are you crying” and I didn’t understand why, until I did.

This movie is me. If I ever get to be a director/writer, this is what I would do, this is what I love, because I am Lady Bird, Lady Bird is me.

There are three aspects to explain why do I feel like this movie is so important to me;

Number one and probably the most important one is that; the relation ship between Lady Bird and her Mom, is literally me and my mom in a film. Like we are literally the same, me and my mom would look at each other on this film and with just a look I could tell that she was thinking the same thing I was thinking “this is a movie about our relation ships” when her mom tells her to stop throwing her clothes all over the place and Lady Bird tells her that is her clothes, and she can do whatever she want’s with them, that was me and my mom, thats the fight we have every day. Or when Lady Bird is like “i look nice in these dress” and her mom tells her “is a little to pink” and she answers “why can’t you just tell me i look nice?” well, MY MOM NEVER TELLS ME I LOOK NICE. It’s like I have to beg her, and no, I don’t care about her opinion, but is nice to have your mom say those things to you, isn’t it? My mom was all the whole movie being like “Lady Bird is to hard on her” where I founded my self saying “Her mom is to hard on her” Thats us. Me and my mom.

Number two (i’m trying really hard not to make this super long); the fact that Lady Bird hides how poor she is. I constantly find myself struggling with the fact that I hate my dad’s house, I never, in my life, had a friend that has a house as small as mine, a friend literally came once and told me that these could be her house when she is studying like some how of a cheap house to live with for a couple of years as till she settles in (they say this in lady bird to lul) and that was the moment i decided i am never inviting anyone to my house ever again, i mean i love that house a lot, my dad tries everything to make it nice, and we have a lot of financial issues and thats the best house we could get. People don’t understand when I tell them I have money issues, they think I am just joking. I don’t like my friends, that have the most beautiful houses ever, coming to mine. That is something we see in Lady Bird and something I founded so relatable and real, that it was impossible to stop crying. That is my situation on a film, that is me.

And when you thought this movie couldn’t get any realer, it did. Lady Bird want’s to get out of Sacramento, I live in Buenos Aires I wan’t to get out, she doesn’t find a special connection with her town, same as me. I wan’t to be an actress, but also a writer, or a singer, or a dancer, or a film director, my thought are all over the place, i don’t know where I am going but I know I am not going to study something like Medicine, or Law School, I know that is not my place, Lady Bird feels the same way. She want’s to be fun, brave, different, special, that’s the same way that I feel. I wan’t to make something in this world, I wanna be as brave as I can be, and I also feel like a rebel sometimes. I’m really bad at school, like it’s hard for me to study, and when I do I never get and A. And I’m so jealous, so jealous of my other friends that make school sound so easy. Lady Bird’s friend gets a lot of good grades, and Lady Bird want’s to get good great, she tries her best, but she still gets a C. That is me over there, I try, I am trying my hardest, but I always get nothing in return, that’s why I found my self in my art, that’s why I wanna go to film school, that’s where I belong, I constantly wish I was smarter, I wish I could get into the best school ever, but I can’t, I was never meant to be that way, and somethings I hate myself for that, and sometimes it’s okay. Lady Bird showed me that I am not alone, that is okay to feel different, that sometimes we try or best and things go the wrong way, and that’s okay. I cried when she was in New York, because I been dreaming of leaving everything and going to New York my whole life, but i was always to scare to show it. Lady Bird could possibly be one of my favorite movies of all time, it just came into my life at the right time. And I know that I will forever be in love with this movie, and that character.

Thank you Greta Gerwin for making me feel better.

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