Lady Bird ★★★★★

lady bird is my favorite characther of all time, because of multiple reasons, but mainly because she is normal. she feels real, relatable, because she is human, and we humans fuck up constantly, or at least me. she makes mistakes, she cries, she laughs, she loves, she tries, she shows human emotions. i’ve heard of people that hate her as a character, they think she is stupid, egocentric, over the top and crazy, wich i kinda get, even though i love her to death, she could be an unlikeable main character, maybe because she is just so different from every single main chracter we have seen in the past coming of a age films, and that’s something that i personally adore from greta’s character and film. for example, she is so different from any john huges character, he would have played it safe with just a normal cliché perfect pretty girl that has a problem with boys, or something similar to that type of story, but lady bird is way more complex than that, not only is she a complete mess, she also deals with her mom, first love, heartbreak, sex, friendship, her dad, her brother, school, and on top of that, discovering herself. i’ve said this before, but i’ll say it again, lady bird is everything i love about myself, the desire to not be normal, to fight, to stand up for herself, to protect the people she loves, but also everything i hate, trying to be liked, living in the wrong side of the tracks, not being the best at math, her whole relationship with her mom, there is so many things i see in myself in these character that i could keep on talking about our similarities for hours. but to finish this up, lady bird is my favorite movie of all time, and she is my favorite character, and both saiorse ronan and greta gerwig are the most inspiring women i know and they will continue to inspire me to purse my dreams, and i truly love them a lot.

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