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(note----> i just finished this review, and now that i read it for the first time i just want to say that; i do keep the trend of oversharing and getting emotional everytime i review this movie, so if u really know me in real life, hi, let's not ever talk about this personal stuff, like ever again, and try to ignore it, thanks. writing them makes them real for me, is my way of dealing with my problems/issues, not juicy, nor a joke or drama for your interest, is just my way of healing and feeling better while rambling about my favorite thing, so please ignore it if you know me irl)

so this is my fiveth of sixth times watching this, and i really hate to be cliché and fucking stupid (and repetitive?) everytime i talk about my favorite films, but it does gets better every single time i watch it. every single time i look at it in a different light, i watched it with my mom, watched it with my dad, in this viewing i watched it with my younger sister for the first time, (and i have also watched by myself as well in the past) but everytime there is something so genuine of seeing this movie about a girl, the same age as me, as full of anger and discomfort in every single aspect in her life, to see her interact with a family, in a house, so similar to mine. i love seeing the way my dad, mom and sister reacted, it's just like showing them a piece of me, and a piece of them as well, because i see each of one on them in these characters. and truly, i love my friends, but my relationship with my parents is so different i feel like they really see my weakest aspects and they see them in this film, or maybe i'm just delusional. so yeah, it's emotional. but this time i wan't to just make a list of maybe things i never talked about before, or realize before? but boy, oh boy i probably have thought and talked about every inch of this film, but like i said before, every re-watch i find something different so here we go (i made notes, i feel so corki saying that):

— “does mom hate me?”
“you both have such strong personalities”
this pretty much explains why their relationship is such a main focus in this film. they are so similar, marion, her mom, and lady bird, that it just shows that when you are really similar you lose balance, the balance lady bird and her dad have, i mean they have such a loving relationship because they are so different in so many aspects. as of lady bird and her mom, they are to similar, they react the same way, and they constantly stumble in this fine line because the are both so intense at the same time. trust me i know all about having relationships with strong personalities, as strong as mine. It's never easy, to maintain them, you have to put effort and work in your relationship. easy to love, hard to maintain. it can be with friends i have, maybe a partner for you, i will probably never have one of those, but in this case is a family member. its hard to have a stong personality even harder to be with someone at this same level.

—the car scene; i know the whole scene by hard, im in love with every aspect of it, best movie scene.... ever? not a joke. it really is. “HE AND SHELLY WORK!!!!!!!” and the “HE BARELY SAW THAT” always get me.

—fun fact: im for sure writing a coming of age this year, i promise i will commit to this.

—there is a thing about greta's directing, but mainly her writing, that i only found in filmmakers such as sean baker but specially noah baumbach, which makes so much sense since her first movie script was alongside him, so that's interesting to think about. they both tend to make movies about characters that DON'T feel like characters, they have these characteristics about them, small characteristics, like ladybirds hair, her skin, her hair, kyle's books, cigarettes, posture, danny's clothes, his haircut, beanies hair accessories, jenna's house (tanning bed) all these things that makes the characters feel so much real, and you look at them interact and you can compare them to so many people you know, because they feel like people you know. because they are written so well, it just feels so real. it’s like a writing a coming of age lesson, this whole film, it just inspires me big time to write good, raw, relatable, characters. that's all greta's writing, and also the actors making these character in a page, turn them to life. greta is SO good at directing characters and getting her message across. i can't believe this is her first movie, she knows exactly what she is doing, and that is so inspiring, specially in a man’s world, to see a “opera prima” so beautifully done and with such an incredible execution.

—everytime lucas hedges character “danny” would come on screen my sister and i would just SCREAM because he a cutie, and every time she would scream “COWBOY” because of the scene where he dresses for the school dance, but mainly because my sister just thinks every christian straight american white cis men is a cowboy. i kind of agree…..

—greta actually sticked to the script. there is like almost not a bit of improvisation which is so rare to find a film that stayed too true to the script, and this does that. i've read it. it's awesome. you should to.

—it always bother me the fact that miguel, who is latin, who looks so latin, and his name IS miguel, like could he be more LATIN?, but then we have this girl, who doesn't really look latin, but maybe she can be, but she doesn't really look latin at all, and her name is 'christine'. so is she latin, or not? but if she is not? her brother is? is marion even latin? jsadknqjlhiaj i want an ANSWER TO THAT. (im latin myself so dont say this was racist)

—it's amazing the fact that i've heard saiorse talk thousands of times, i almost watched every single interview she has done for every single one of her films, (i may be obsessed with her) and i still get completely lost whenever lady bird appears and i don't see anything from saiorse, she just becomes a different person, and for me, this performance was the best last year, because frances mcdormand, meryl streep, sally hawkins and margot robbie where just really dramatic roles, yes the actresses did a fantastic job being this dramatic people but saiorse just created a new human, and just talked, walked, got her point across, like her, she was just a character, a person, what i mean with this, she didn't need a dramatic scene to proves us she can fucking act. she did that everytime she became someone so apart from her, and to me, thats gold acting. i think the same thing about timothee in this film as well, he felt so far from him in real life.

—when kyle pretends to be hippie and he has so much money, and he knows it, and he pretends like he CAN and PREFERS to live with no money because he "so hates capitalism" but we all know he fucking can't live without cash. i mean…... hello, that's almost every single classmate of my school, that has money, “aGhh i sO toTaLLY hAte disNeYLaNd pUr me beINg fOrcEd tO gO anD i onlY wAtch foreIgN fiLmS nOt suPERHerOe shIT iAak ‘caUSe fuK KapItaLISm!!!!!” but they just have a lot of fun and hate to acknowledge it. and they just THINK they are way to hippie and cool and anti capitalism yet they really can't leave without it. lol. (i think i myself may even be a little bit like those douchebags sometime so…. #srrynotsrry i guess?????)

—the eating disorder "discussion" with her mom always triggers me even when i know it's going to happen, always triggers me.

—”are you and mom gonna get a divorce after this?
hahaha, a divorce???? we can afford it!!!!”
(i had this literally conversation and running joke with my dad five years ago, two years after that, my dad and mom got a divorce, fun!)
—i sometimes wake up and think about cassie duval and how i want to be her. fuck her.

—greta's script is so light hearted funny. like there is so many small jokes through the film, even in the most intenses scenes. and they all feel like real jokes, like what i mean the character saying them are not trying to be incredible funny and make this a comedy. but there is still are some quotable funny quotes. it's so so good. and greta is a funny woman, i'm jealous. i wish i was funny or as funny.

—there is a moment where lady bird sees this tiny picture of a young kyle, and i'm pretty sure that is not timothee chalamet at all and they used a random kid just for the sake of the shirt and script.

—there is a scene where lady bird is crying, marion is washing the dishes, angry, there is a part where i think saoirse's accent gets a little bit on the way, because of the way she starts saying the 'o's but maybe i'm delusional....

—fun fact; this is actually the time i think i cried the most????!!!! how?!!!!!! i always tend to cry in different scenes of the film, when it comes specially to the end, but i cried at the scene where marion is crying in the car. i empathise with her in a way i haven't done before.

—tbh, the last 30 minutes of this movie made me really think about the fact that my mother is really marion, since she never shows any emotion towards me other than anger or embarrassment, or fake love or maybe even, not any emotion at all, there is a big disconnection between me and her, mainly because i don't see her as often, but maybe we just stopped connecting the way we did, and i know that deep inside this is just a phase, and that maybe one day she will love me the way she did when i was 10 years old? right? idk... i like to believe is a phase..... i just wanna be loved i guess.

—next year im supposed to go to college. and everytime i watch this is it opens that door that i tend to close so tight in my little heart that yells “get the hell away from that town, and specially that country you live in, you go, live life, experience something out of you comfort zone, meet with discomfort” yet everytime i rewatch it, an hour after thinking of this this i'm like, noup. im not.... going..... to..... do..... that..... maybe?............... maybe…………………………………………………. not.....

—this is a love story between lady bird, her mom and her fucking best friend. because this film is actually telling you the men surrounding you (expect your dad) are trash!!!!!!! you should just listen to the woman, even if you are not gay, don't listen to men!!!!

—and my next review is going to be 18 things i learned about myself and life from lady bird. (already thinking of re-watching this i'm to obsessed) you can tell i already listed down many things in this list, but i’ll fully comeet and write a whole long article and maybe post it somewhere? like really well written, i wanna just commit to writing more this next year.

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