Lady Bird ★★★★★

Marion drives back home. It is romantic somehow. She loves these streets, loves the turns she knows so well. When she’s not resenting the stuck-ness of her own life she has an enormous capacity to love it. Remember this moment with Marion. 

Today is my Lady Bird anniversary. A whole year ago I was watching this film, with my mom, at my local teather for the very first time. And I’ve seen it some many times, and now knowing how much I love it, is weird to think of a time where I didn’t knew how important this was going to be in my life, at time where I was nervous to watch it, because it had all this hype and all this pressure surrounding it. I remember when I called my mom that same day, earlier, asking her if we could go to the Lady Bird screening at 10pm and my mom initially said "No" because while I was calling her, I was inside another teather, with a friend of mine, waiting for the post-credits Black Panther scene, she told me it was a waste of money to go two times a day to the cinema, and she was tired. I was a really bad friend that day, and left my friend to watch the credits by himself while I was arguing with my mom about how I really, really, desperately wanted to watch this film before the Oscars, and I couldn't wait any longer, and bla bla bla. Mind you: March 1st was literally the day the movie premiered in my country, so yes, I could have waited some time, but much like Lady Bird….. I have zero patience. If you are wondering, no, I didn’t know it was a mother and daugther type of film, no I didn’t do it on purpose, and it’s kinda funny to think how I never go to the cinema with my mom, because I mostly go with my dad, but that day, for some reason, I felt my mom would enjoy this movie way, way, more. But i’m getting off the point know…. so…. it’s not that hard to tell, that with a lot of persistency and determination I finally convinced my mom to watch Lady Bird with me, that same exact night. Holy shit, now I am crying, ha ha ha, are we surpsised? As cliché as that sounds, and I feel so fucking dramatic and stupid for saying this, but those worlds “I finally convinced my mom to watch Lady Bird with me, that same exact night” mean a lot to me, in a really weird way. I've always get emotional writing reviews for this film, and I promised myself I would stop that, but at the end of the day, this is my favorite thing in the world, it is my favorite out of all of the films I've seen before. And not to brag, but i’ve seen a whole lot. And that is because, it just holds this emotional power over me that no movie has ever achieved before. There are so many things that make it so special in my eyes, and there are plenty of things that make me cry at the end; my relationship with my sister, mom, dad, friends, my relationship with money, my house, school, grades, my relationship with my sexuality, sex, my future, who I am as a person, and so many other things I could just write a whole essay on...., But to be honest, the main reason, why this film speaks to me so much, it’s really simple and short; because it just makes me happy. It makes me the happiest. No other movie I would choose to re-watch over and over again for the rest of my life like this one. No other movie I would write a different review everytime and discover different things to point out and talk about for days. It makes me happier that anything in the world. Saiorse, Greta and Laurie, those women make me so, so happy. Everytime I watch it, I get this excitement, this butterflies similar to the ones the first time I watched it, and the same tears I left that cinema with, even thought every time there is a different meaning behind them. Because every single time it feels like I never watched it before, even thought I am screaming every single one of my favorite lines in the script “OMG IS THE TANNING BED! JULIE WOULD LOVE THIS!” "SHUT UP! SHUT UP! Different things can be sad. It’s not all war” “so you are telling me... that you want to see someone knife?hE BARELY SAW THAT!!!!” “my mom made one bad descicion when she was sixteenTWO BAD DESICIONS” 

Happy one year to this movie and I, and I am that dramatic bitch, and I hate myself for it. But.. you know how Lady Bird writes about sacramento “so affectionately and with such care” I write and feel that exact same way about this film.

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