Lady Bird ★★★★★

why do i do this to myself?
why am i so addicted to watching this movie all over again, every time. i lost count, i geniugly lost count of how many times i’ve seen it, but i know i’ve seen it to many times to the point where every two seconds i’m quoting another line. now that i’m in my actual last year of high school, it’s getting harder to hold back the tears that eventually always fall down my cheek once marion is driving back to the airport. this movie never fails to make me laugh, never fails to make me cry, never fails to make me feel like myself again. it makes me want to write my own movie, makes me want to hug my family members, makes me want to tell my friends how much i love them, and how i never tell them i love them enough. it make me cry. it makes this little letters on a screen blury. it makes me want to suck every last second i have in school. but it also makes me want to get out, and discover who i am without it. it makes me want to fall in love, it makes me want to masturbate in the shower. it makes me emotional. i love it more than words could ever possibly describe. i don’t want years to go by, because i remember so vividly watching this on the cinema for the first time, binging all the greta gerwig movies before seeing it. seeing all the entreviews greta and the cast did until the point where they weren’t any new ones. seeing those academy awards fangirling every time saiorse was on the screen. i don’t want this memories to fade away. it’s just.... it’s just... it really is just:  lady bird my favorite film of all time, yep, what’s new?

also i might be getting lady bird tattoed on my body once i turned 18 how bad of an idea is it?

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