Sunset Boulevard

"I am big. Is the pictures that got small"

you know Gloria Swanson wasn't the only Billy Wilder imagine as Norma. he had a great deal of silent actresses that were left behind, forgotten. that was cinema at that age. woman would only work at a certain age, become huge mega-hits, and then when they will go on and grow older, and the spotlight would slowly fade away. yes, yes, yes, to Gloria who was able to just made fun of herself. queen of acting, forever.

you know, Billy Wilder is really impressive. he knows his power, he stars doing all these wonderful movies with sound, winning all these Academy Awards, becoming the well-know director he is. and he makes a movie playing tribute to silent cinema. instead of pissing all over it, he lets actors who were once forgotten, re-appear, and have what they deserve for creating one of the most important eras in cinema history. his ability to make so many movies, all different from one another but still as impactful, still as beautiful. what a genius. such a beautiful tribute to silent cinema this film is. and such a harsh critic to Hollywood that doesn't hold any grudges.

also bursten keaton had a cameo!

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