Drive ★★★★★

seeing this in theatres was extremely fucking sexy and i finally fully understand why everyone holds this on such a high pedestal. for a film that has a tendency to convey emotion through long silences and yearning rather than speaking, there’s not a moment of screen time wasted. i forgot how stunning everything is, from the camera movements to the music to the performances to the editing.... literally everything. i think i’ve thought of 5 different scenes to shoutout in this review but it’s impossible to narrow it down, there’s just too many scenes that are absolutely fucking incredible. watching this in 2020 and recognizing the impact this film had on the 2010s is so fucking cool!!! i’m honestly shocked that this not only held up for me, but that i loved it more tonight than i ever did. this is officially me turning myself in as a filmbro, time to go listen to nightcall and shove my drive blu ray directly up my ass 

ps. bryan cranston saying belize is what solidified this as a 5. we are breaking bad stans first and humans second

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