Malignant ★★

If there's one thing I learned from this movie, it's that haircuts and bangs are hereditary.

Honestly, when I watched the opening, I thought it was a classic case of a fake horror movie and that it would cut to a TV or theatre screen with a random character watching it.
And then, the opening credits started rolling and I was like "...Oh."

It only goes downhill from here.

The story is ridiculously stupid, to the point that the "shocking" twist is in the title of the movie.
The dialogs are very poorly written and the overall casting is baaaaad, especially the two main actresses. There's zero subtlety and the attempts at injecting some humor are too scarce and weak to have any kind of impact.

The cinematography is ugly, even with the few attempts at giving the film some gritty aesthetics and an iconic look for the antagonist.
And the music, gosh, that cover of the Pixies is so painful to hear (and you'll hear it a ton).

The movie takes itself much too seriously and the pacing is very clunky, making it feel even longer than it already is.

But in the last third of the flick, we run into full schlock territory, to the point that I found myself laughing my ass off on my theater seat, and I was honestly so excited to see how far they would go that I was genuinely excited.

In the end, I think that if they fully embraced the ridiculousness of the movie's concept, it could have actually been a really fun watch.

So I'm glad I've seen it and I actually quite enjoyed it in retrospect.

But gosh, was it bad.

Also, nice poster.

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