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  • Blacker Than the Night


  • City of the Living Dead


  • Poison for the Fairies


  • Seven to One


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  • Master of the World

    Master of the World

    A 105-minute long grunt with an occasional Chewbacca growl.

  • Blood Beat

    Blood Beat


    Mandatory Christmas day viewing.

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  • The El Duce Tapes

    The El Duce Tapes


    The fact that Ascher and Lawrence were able to salvage 25-year-old, unkept, VHS tapes and turn them into a nice looking documentary is incredible, and presumably an extremely tedious process. Both the audio and picture quality were clear and polished as best as can be; complimenting the fantastic editing job.

    Piecing together footage you didn't shoot for a project you weren't apart of to begin with seems like a nightmare. But evidently, the directors had a clear understanding of Sexton's vision and were able to muster up a very well-made documentary revolving around the life of a very fucked up man in El Duce.

  • The Stylist

    The Stylist


    Gevargizian's first feature film (adapted from her short of the same name) cuts into the psychology of a deranged serial killer hairstylist played by the lovely Najarra Townsend, who gives us a next level performance.

    Her character reminded me heavily of Frank Zito from Maniac; from her scalp obsession to her mannerisms around soon-to-be victims. The plot is evidently inspired by Maniac; but also the likes of Single White Female, and even May.

    Aside from the story, the film is…