Vox Lux

Vox Lux ★★★★★

Natalie Portman is a fucking QUEEN!! I love her so much and was in awe for the whole movie, especially her scenes.

Most of the movie felt very real, as if it’s a documentary and I love it. The writing and acting was a great blend that just made the movie fantastic and it’s probably Natalie’s best performance I’ve ever seen. 

I also like the message if I understand it I think. Maybe it’s about how fame can turn media that brings people together but overtime can just be a publicity stunt. Like how she’s just singing for money instead of bringing people together and she doesn’t give a shit if the press finds out that her sister was actually writing her songs or not because as long as she’s performing and acting like she cares the crowd goes wild. 

P.S. Natalie if you’re reading this I love you please marry me I love your singing voice you’re my queen

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