Ultra-Obscure Films Watchlist

These are kept to a separate list because I consider acquiring one of these movies to require steps beyond streaming it off the iTunes store or grabbing a DVD copy from a sales bin at Best Buy. No, it requires private trackers, spending hours at a swap meet, renting out a 16mm print, ordering a copy from foreign websites, or contacting the filmmaker themselves.

Some of the Seijun Suzuki titles are finally being released through Arrow! Read my notes for any other clues that have been made known to me regarding these films.

A BIG Thank You to whomever graciously provides links to purchase / view these works online. Films which I have watched will be moved to the bottom and kept for posterity's sake.

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  • Devil's Body
  • High-School-Terror
  • Spook House
  • The Heaping Bouncy Breasts That Smothered a Midget
  • Clouds
  • Queen of the Chantecler
  • The Rambler Rides Again
  • The Story of PuPu
  • A Legend of Turmoil
  • Noboru Ando's Chronicle of Fugitive Days and Sex
  • Go Nagai's Scary Zone: The Mysterious Demon
  • Glass-Hearted Johnny
  • Make Room
  • The Beach Hotel
  • Bloody Demon
  • Ripper
  • I Am the Night
  • Ghost Cat of Nabeshima
  • Ghost Killer
  • Conton
  • City of the Vampires
  • The Wind-of-Youth Group Crosses the Mountain Pass
  • Psychic Vision: Jaganrei
  • The Man with a Shotgun
  • That's a UFO! The Flying Saucer