Why Worry?

Why Worry? ★★★★

Why Worry? is basically a 68-minute gag reel, and a good one.

I actually like that there’s so little plot escalation, as most silent comedies don’t have plots good enough to justify their existence anyway. The premise of an oblivious vacationer getting caught up in a local revolution is funny enough, and in Harold Lloyd, the film has a star with plenty of physical comedy chops (including a wide variety of exaggerated facial expressions) to make the most of all the visual gags. John Aasen gives a good supporting performance as well.

Lloyd is a genuinely good all-around actor, as well as a comedian, and his character, a self-centered, rich cad is nonetheless so naive in his mannerisms that we don’t quite hate him. The way he teeters on the brink of unlikeablity actually makes him funnier. The jokes and impressive stunts come thick and fast, and they’re all good, if a little repetitive and never truly hilarious (with the exception of a magnificently timed scene involving a toothache). On the whole, the film’s isn’t the best example of its genre, but it’s an enjoyable watch if you’re already a fan of Lloyd or his contemporaries (Charlie Chaplin, Buster Keaton, and so on).

Harold Lloyd’s charisma and a series of solid gags make up for Why Worry?'s lack of creativity.


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