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  • Misery




    Misery is the second Stephen King adaptation that Rob Reiner directed about a famous author getting into a car accident during a blizzard only to rescued by his number one fan - who may not be an angel as she initially appears.

    I cannot imagine another actress portraying Annie Wilkies, as Kathy Bates was excellent in the film - and I didn't realize until after watching that she won an Academy Award for Best Actress (well deserved). As Annie…

  • American Psycho

    American Psycho


    American Pyscho is a pure character study on successful Wall Street man, who is mentally insane.

    Christian Bale transforms into Patrick Bateman rather flawlessly, as he gives a fantastic performance although I could not help but think of Nick Offerman whenever he spoke with that New York accent.

    The many conversations Patrick Bateman would have with people in public about how he has dreams and aspirations of murdering people, and how they mistake it for saying something else was clever…

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  • Joker



    Now, this is how you develop a villain. Take notes Marvel.

    Joker is not only a bleak and unsettling film but a fascinating character study of one of the more recognizable psychopathic villains in comic book history. 

    Joaquin Phoenix disappears in the role of Arthur Fleck, as he gives an Oscar-worthy performance as the troubled, menacing clown. Not only does Joaquin nail the iconic laugh, but he has some seriously nice dance moves (although a few bizarre music choices). A…

  • Little Monsters

    Little Monsters


    Attended the NYC premiere tonight of Little Monsters, which included a live Q&A session involving the director - Abe Forsythe - and two of the stars of the film - Alexander England and Lupita Nyong’o (pictured).

    The film is about a group of kindergarten students trapped in a petting zoo souvenir shop during the middle of the zombie apocalypse with their teacher, chaperone, and a famous kids television host. I didn’t know much about the film going into it besides the…