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  • Iorram (Boat Song)

    Iorram (Boat Song)


    The first ever feature documentary in Gaelic, Iorram is a visually poetic documentation of a very specific culture, that of remote fishing communities in Scotland's Outer Hebrides. Rediscovered and restored audio recordings dating back to the 1940s are played atop contemporary footage, sailors and boats as present on the sea now as a hundred years ago. Things change, things stay the same.

    It's invaluable as a piece of folk cinema putting to record some truly awesome tales of folklore, tragedy,…

  • Da Capo

    Da Capo


    All the sweetness of School of Rock and the sincerity of Sing Street, but more interested in the creative process than winning the band contest or getting the girl. Four weird kids holed up in a soundproofed room writing nu-metal riffs isn't so much about the tunes, but that they're building this wholly unique bond between each other, where their vulnerability is trusted, their art is safe. It's the most important part of their teenage lives.

    Their two older instructors…

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  • A Silent Voice

    A Silent Voice


    Boy meets girl. Boy bullies girl. Boy matures and tries to set things right.

    I really hated Ishida. You're supposed to, obviously. He bullies Nishimiya for no reason other than her deafness. He would have bullied her regardless, just because she was new to the class. He is the ringleader and the enabler for his friends to bully her too.

    Cut to years later and something has changed. He's distanced himself from who he used to be. Ostracised by his…

  • Long Shot

    Long Shot


    Cute and funny, ticking the 'rom' and 'com' boxes.

    Comes with a dewy-eyed dose of well-meant centrism though. A kind of "I'm your friend, I'm a Republican!" twist, a type of 2019 villainous reveal.

    It's totally right that Democrats/the left are ego-centric and impossible to talk to. During the reveal, it's Fred who's being the intolerant douchebag, immediately considering himself better because of his ideology. His right-wing friend doesn't do the same, and tries to find commonality in the situation.…