• The Man Who Knew Too Much

    The Man Who Knew Too Much


    This wasn't THAT bad but it's my least favourite Hitchcock movie by far.

    I'm glad he was able to do a remake adding everything this seems to lack (plus Jimmy freaking Stewart) to make things even better. All in all it's pretty impressive how one of his weakest efforts still manages to be highly entertaining and well-done.

  • Carnage



    It's always a great feeling when I don't expect anything from a movie and it ends up blowing my mind.

    I will completely ignore who directed this and I'll attribute its greatness to the four wonderful actors in it. This was just insane, the writing was amazing and the performances just made everything SO much better. I had a blast and I'll be thinking about this for a while.

  • Run



    Even though I love Sarah Paulson I didn't care much about this when it was released. So, I'm pleasantly surprised to say the least, this was pure insanity from start to finish. Absolutely loved how terrifying and anxiety-inducing this managed to be without relying on clichés or cheap jumpscares. Sarah Paulson and Kiera Allen were fantastic, they made this even better than it already was.

    I'll now make sure not to ignore a Sarah Paulson movie ever again.

  • We're the Millers

    We're the Millers


    This was way better than I was expecting. For some reason I thought this would just be dumb (many of these reviews didn't help me to think otherwise) but it was actually really fun. This also had a LOT of quotable moments and the performances were perfect for this kind of film.

    By the way, I saw Weyes Blood on Wednesday and that show completely changed my life. Expect better reviews from me in the future. ✍️

  • The Adam Project

    The Adam Project


    I really like Ryan Reynolds but at this point it's getting mad annoying how he just plays himself in every single movie. I'd still rather seeing him than Dwayne Johnson, Gal Gadot and Michael B. Jordan so we're good.

    This was actually pretty nice and better than I was expecting. So fun and wholesome, although it just ends up being sort of forgettable. The last couple of minutes were quite emotional (which I thoroughly enjoyed) and maybe that's what did it for me.

  • Gone Girl

    Gone Girl


    My 1000th film. Couldn't have chosen a better film for this.

    I have been looking forward to watching this for years and I knew I had to be in the right state of mind to do it, that was finally today. It's really hard to put all my thoughts into words, it's been a few hours since I finished it and I'm still trying to process everything. Despite this film's popularity I can't believe I went so long without being…

  • Snowpiercer



    After I saw Parasite, I loved it and I wanted to get into the rest of Bong Joon-ho's filmography immediately, it's taken me about three and a half years to actually start doing it but better late than never.

    I was expecting this to be fucked up and that's exactly what I got. Bong Joon-ho is really fucking good at storytelling and plot twists. There are some great performances in this as well, I'm convinced Tilda Swinton could play any…

  • Miracle on 34th Street

    Miracle on 34th Street


    Probably should've waited a couple of days to watch this BUT whatever.

    What an incredibly delightful, wholesome and heartwarming movie, exactly what I was expecting from a Christmas classic. Just like many of these oldies the dialogue and the performances were on point, I simply had a blast with this. I hope to find more great stuff in George Seaton's filmography, this felt like something Frank Capra would have done and that's not easy.

  • The Meyerowitz Stories (New and Selected)

    The Meyerowitz Stories (New and Selected)


    During my childhood and adolescence I thought Adam Sandler and Ben Stiller were just dumb actors who made dumb movies, whilst that's true most of the time I've come to appreciate them a lot in their serious roles over the last few years. I wish they had more of those, they're really good when they actually try.

    What can I say? This is just another great film by Noah Baumbach. I already consider him one of my favourite directors, but…

  • The Eternal Daughter

    The Eternal Daughter


    Tilda Swinton is mesmerising as always and obviously carried this whole thing, she's simply heavenly. I have to give respect to the Joanna Hogg for the script though, her writing never disappoints but nevertheless her films haven't really been for me. This also reminded me I have yet to watch The Souvenir Part II.

    Oh and Carly-Sophia Davies was lovely as well, new crush unlocked.

  • No Hard Feelings

    No Hard Feelings


    This fucker is a whole year younger than me and is already acting as Jennifer Lawrence's "love interest", I'm jealous to be honest.

    I think this is the hottest Jennifer has ever looked in a film and I would be lying if I said that wasn't a bit distracting. Still I think this is really fun for the most part and I had a great time with it. This film's biggest flaw was having that fucking cunt Matthew Broderick in it, but other than that it was pretty good.

  • She's Gotta Have It

    She's Gotta Have It


    Although to this day BlacKkKlansman is the only Spike Lee film I've really loved, I still appreciate the topics in most of his movies and his particular way of storytelling. I just don't seem to connect with his work as much as I would like to. Anyway, this was better than I expected for a debut but like I said, I couldn't quite connect with it.