The Green Knight

The Green Knight ★★★½

Overall Rating: Above Average (C+)

A fantastical, sinister, cerebral and surreal journey. David Lowery's slow, lingering, introspective cinematography, mesmerizing imagery and use of color, along with the hypnotic sound design and beautiful costumes/set pieces really brought to life the bizarre poem of Sir Gawain and the Green Knight. I was not familiar with the original source material, but I was very fond of Lowery's A Ghost Story. This film is definitely not what I expected, but what it offered was unlike anything I could've imagined. It's slow, poetic, atmospheric, and filled with rich visual symbolism. I usually prefer films like this, but I didn't enjoy The Green Knight as much as I thought I would. The sporadic pacing and narrative structure, as well as it's deep roots in surrealism are executed well at times, but at other moments, these aspects feel off-putting. Overall I'm feeling a bit torn on this experience, but hopefully further reflection within the coming days will clear things up, as well as a much needed re-watch in the future, but this time from the comfort of my own home setup that's devoid of fidgeting strangers. Anyways, amongst the "A24 directors," Robert Eggers is by far the best and my personal favorite, but David Lowery is definitely somewhere towards the top of that list, possibly even second. I look forward to seeing his future projects.

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