Buffalo '66

Buffalo '66 ★★★★★

fifth watch.

back in high school, when i was just starting to get seriously into cinema, i'd have a tendency to rewatch the shit out of movies i loved. as a result, i've seen the shining, a clockwork orange, fight club, donnie darko, pulp fiction, and probably other filmbro films at least 20 times. if i found a movie i loved, i'd just want to watch it all the time. once i left high school, and wanted to expand my film watching, i would rewatch my favourites less. i got to a point where i was almost never rewatching movies, it felt weird for some reason. which is fucking stupid. i feel like 2020 has allowed me to step back a bit and let myself enjoy watching my favourites repeatedly. this year, i've discovered and ultimately rewatched uncut gems, heat, and now buffalo 66 at least 5 times, and it feels great.

this film is an emotional gut punch for reasons i can't fully explain. i hate how much of myself can relate to or understand billy brown. to quote PTA's magnolia, another one of my favourites that i've rewatched over 5 times, "we may be through with the past, but the past ain't through with us." i get so happy at the end when he's buying those damn heart cookies.

also, about halfway through this i got war flashbacks to when gallo dmd me on instagram that i have a good face lmao. if only he had the character growth that billy brown has.

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