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Influences of Bill Benz's THE NOWHERE INN

Before I started doing anything on this film, Carrie had me watch Nicholas Roeg's "Performance" and Peter Watkins' "Privilege", the dual skeleton keys for the tone and style of the script she and Annie had written. Both films act as a bridge from psychedelic 60s cinema to the paranoid 70s and both feature rock stars in leading roles. Watch "Performance" for the dreamlike narrative, the playful cinematography, and the ahead-of-its-time editing. Watch "Privilege" for the heightened cartoon tone and a story about the behind-the-scenes making of a propaganda pop icon.

Here are some of the movies that we were watching and talking about while making The Nowhere Inn. Enjoy!
— Bill Benz

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The Nowhere Inn comes out in theaters and on-demand September 17 via IFC Films

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