Rushmore ★★★★

Never has a movie that's recently come out made me feel this nostalgic since Boyhood!

I absolutely loved this genuine piece of work from Wes Anderson and the film has so many great scenes with awkward characters. Admittingly, there are many times where Anderson doesn't seem to know how to use Bill Murray's character but that's mostly because he was a brand new director at that point.

I wish Anderson would've gone a little deeper with Murray's character as the audience never gets much backstory from him and he's just kind of in the movie. With that being said, Murray did a fantastic job of bringing his character to life and in the hands of anyone else, the film would've been much less dynamic. My final complaint in an otherwise wholesome film has to be the movie's structure. It tends to feel a little sloppy, which causes the pacing to feel off at times.

Definitely give this one a watch if you like cinema

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