The Social Network ★★★★★

"Ad Executive: Mr. Zuckerberg, I'm in charge of security for all computers on the Harvard Network and I can assure you of it's sophistication. In fact it was that very level of sophistication that led us to you in less than four hours.

Mark Zuckerberg: Four hours?

Ad Executive: Yes, sir.

Mark Zuckerberg: That would be impressive, except if you had known what you were looking for you would have seen it on my dorm room window."

This banter is one of the reasons I LOVE this movie. It's movies like this that make me unsure of my future as a filmmaker, because I know I'll never be able to master anything like this.

Quite simply, the greatest screenplay ever written. There isn't a single line out of place in this movie, and the score by Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross keep the dialogue intense. The cinematography is fluid and perfect and compliments everything else this movie has to offer. This whole movie is perfect.

Jesse Eisenberg does an absolutely phenoemenal job as Mark Zuckerberg and I was sold on every single scene he was in. Garfield was a very good, sympathetic Eduardo, even though the audience is rooting for his friend who is dealing him out big time. Armie Hammer does fantastic as well with his sheer presence dominating the other geeks in this film. Justin Timberlake is also perfect and adds a very interesting motivation for Zuckerberg's character.

Ball and Biscuit by The White Stripes just came on as I was writing this review. That song at the beginning that energizes that opening sequence with Mark and Erica at the bar? Possibly the greatest opening to any movie. It perfectly sets up the rest of the film and in 5 minutes we learn what kind of person Mark Zuckerberg is without any forced exposition being shoved down our gullets.

There are too many wonderful things to say about this film, so hopefully you can just watch this movie in all of its greatness and realize that it's so much better than just being called, "The Facebook Movie."

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