The Lighthouse ★★★★★

This movie is phenomenal in every way shape or form. From the cinematography, (which is my favorite of the year) to the sound design, this movie is perfect behind the camera. amazing production design shows that horror movie doesn't have to be just a lot of jumpscare, but can be an actual great film. The way the movie is shot makes you feel all the more claustrophobic as we slowly go insane with the characters. It is really a shame that this isn't nominated for more awards and it is a travesty that Willem Defoe didn't even get any recognition. While the film may be perfect behind the camera, that is only half the picture. In front of the camera, Willem Defoe and Robert Pattinson give possibly the best performances of there careers. You can tell that they worked very well with the director, Robert Eggers because they achieved the feeling I got when reading the screenplay so perfectly. Speaking of the screenplay, this has to be one of the best, if not the best, of the year. Since we are stuck with just these two characters the entire movie the dialogue must be not just good, but entertaining, almost like music, and boy is it written perfectly. I think that's all I can write for now. Please go check it out and I can't wait to see what Robert Eggers has coming next.

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