Saw 3D ★★

Finally here, at the end of the road. Watching this series so quickly has felt more akin to a cheesy soap opera television show than a series of films. While it turns out that Saw 3D may not have been another actually good film in the series, it did turn out to be a very entertaining one. The story in this one has an interesting idea with the guy pretending to have gone through Jigsaw trap and getting his comeuppance, but it's not thought through enough at all. It barely makes sense and is not very compelling, but it makes way for some fun traps at least. A few are some of the best in the series, they get insanely creative here. The side-story with Hoffman going full psycho is the same thing, it's unsatisfying but at least fun. Cary Elwes' return was also appreciated, but I wish he showed up more. Also ends in maybe the dumbest twist of all, but also the funniest.

In the end, a strange series that I think people are too willing to call unwatchable trash. They are mostly fun movies that know exactly what they are and what kind of audience is watching. There's lots of fan-service in this one in particular. They aren't really just pure torture porn, it's more about having this intricate ass story fleshed out to immaculate detail. Whether it was planned from the start, I can't say. I'm glad the series ended on an interesting note rather than something bland and boring like Saw V. A fitting final chapter.

*Borat voice* NOT! That's right, borat voices are back. See ya for Jigsaw soon.

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