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  • American Fiction

    American Fiction

    Jeffrey Wright is wonderful and is doing his best to elevate this, but neither the satire nor the melodrama work particularly well, and bouncing between the two is jarring. Also, I'm shocked how few people have brought up the atrociously hack ending.

  • Give Me Pity!

    Give Me Pity!

    Amanda Kramer is after my heart. Just the fact that this comes right on the heels of the incredible Please Baby Please is outrageous to me. Not flawless by any measure, but I do want it playing on loop in some corner of my apartment next time I host.

Popular reviews

  • The Worst Person in the World

    The Worst Person in the World

    Renata Reinsve's electric presence isn't enough to overcome a frustrating script that cares less about developing her character's interiority than peddling tedious Gen-X satire (yoga, slackers, and feminists are targets) before collapsing into a sincerely maudlin (and entirely unearned) final third that shifts focus away from her.

  • Ahed's Knee

    Ahed's Knee

    I adore Lapid's impressionistic camerawork, it's unpredictable, spastic, invigorating, and always thematically appropriate. It's perplexing then, given how much he communicates visually, that he chose to unspool every bit of subtext into the dialogue of this one.