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  • Metropolis
  • What Ever Happened to Baby Jane?
  • Real Genius
  • Beyond the Black Rainbow

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  • Uzumaki



    There's a lot wrong with the music, some effects, and the acting, but the story itself is pretty good! I did like that the film leaves you with questions, which is both fun and frustrating.

    Honestly, this would have been on point if it had been spun as horror-comedy and committed to that approach throughout. There are more than a few moments where you laugh but aren't sure if it's supposed to be this way. Other things are just so…

  • The Automat

    The Automat


    Five stars for the original song with Mel Brooks. Five stars to see RBG again.

    Minus five for the CEO of Sbux, who has no reason to be here and has exactly shit in common with a NYC/Philly institution of a bygone era. It's worth it for retro culture appreciation, not much else.

Popular reviews

  • I Am Happiness on Earth

    I Am Happiness on Earth

    I think the best possible user review for this film nails it in one line: "Pretensioso e mal acabado."

    You don't have to speak Portuguese to recognize the word "pretentious." And "mal" means BAD. Everywhere.

    WTF did I just watch?

    People wander on and off the screen, and it's purely accidental that we ever learn their names. This film showcases weird parties, the world's worst band and lead singer in any language, and incongruent sex. Yes, I used incongruent because…

  • See the Sea

    See the Sea


    What many films lack these days is a use of the art of subtlety and, when applicable, a true tone and feel of intense creepy.

    This film does both exceptionally well.

    I must admit that I feel odd clicking the "Like" icon for this film because its subject and events are not likable whatsoever. I enjoyed the director's pacing, love the weird-you-out/isolationist atmosphere, and love how the director makes you side-eye the drifter from minute one. The drifter is a…