Days of Heaven

Days of Heaven ★★★½

murder but with PERSONALITY this time!

Malick’s last endeavor before his break from Hollywood. was pretty irritated by the inclusion of narration in Badlands, which i felt hardly served the plot. luckily, here, i only had to be irritated by the sound of Manz’s voice. Malick is supposedly known for his improvisation behind the camera and with the dialogue between characters. in Days of Heaven, it’s with the voiceover. it would be so easy to mess something like this up, but her words are dense, adding a lot of weight to the otherwise delicate filmmaking.

i can’t imagine spending the entire day toiling away, your actual life being the moments of respite in between. it must really break a person. everything’s outlined by the sun, like a natural halo, but Linda says the devil’s on the farm. it’s like the film had me under some sort of spell, *Tommy Lee Jones voice* and then i woke up.

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