IHE has written 56 reviews for films during 2019.

  • Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker

    Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker

    Oh dear

  • The Animatrix

    The Animatrix

    Actually really good. Animation is (mostly) stunning and the world building is genuinely fascinating. Great companion piece to the first movie. Some very creepy concepts in here that kept me thinking in the same way the original movie does. Worth a watch.

  • The Matrix Revolutions

    The Matrix Revolutions

    $150,000,000 B-Movie. Absolute trash, hilarious though.

  • Dracula Untold

    Dracula Untold

    Fantastic start to a cinematic universe :D

  • The Death of Dick Long

    The Death of Dick Long

    A surprisingly disturbing story with some genuinely hilarious moments and mostly great performances, it loses steam after the hour mark but it's still entertaining the entire way through. Very inspired by the Coen brothers but unfortunately never quite reaches the same heights. I particularly liked the dialogue here and most of the characters are suitably memorable for their distinct idiosyncrasies. Worth a watch. A24 continues to release some of the weirdest and most interesting films around.

  • Klaus


    Breathtaking animation and character design. Really enjoyed this despite some bizarre music choices and a pretty familiar story. Lots of treasure planet in this movie too if that means anything to you. Shame the only way to get films like this is to make them Christmas themed and aimed for children.

  • The Hangover

    The Hangover


    Has some annoying humour but is funnier than I remember overall

  • Doctor Sleep

    Doctor Sleep


    More King than Kubrick, yet slavishly reverent to the 1980 classic. Honestly I was kind of bored, it has its moments but I cannot recommend anyone rushing out to see this in theatres. Overly long, much more of a thriller than a horror movie, can’t say I was ever frightened. More of a superhero/vampire movie than anything else believe it or not. Rent this.

  • Twilight


    I mean yeah pretty much

  • The Thing

    The Thing


    Fantastic companion to Alien, I appreciate new details every time I rewatch. Horror creature classic.

  • The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 2

    The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 2


    This film fucking rules

  • Four Lions

    Four Lions


    Somehow I’d forgotten how brilliantly funny this is.