Popstar: Never Stop Never Stopping

Popstar: Never Stop Never Stopping ★★½

Flickchart Ranking: 52/100

This Is Spinal Tap for a generation is the result of Popstar: Never Stop Searching. The life of one as they face the ups and downs of their career and try to cope with what’s going on in life.

The popstar is Conner, played by Andy Samberg. We follow a behind the scenes of his career from his childhood friends Lawrence and Owen, played by Akiva Schaffer and Jorma Taccone on how they became known as The Style Boyz. When an argument about creative rights happens the result is a break up leaving Conner to go solo as Conner4Real. Him as a solo artist isn't an easy journey as he struggles to be number one on the charts like he was before and it isn't the same like it use to. Pretty soon his career starts going down hill.

Popstar is a downfall though it really doesn't seem to be one from the looks of things. Not that it is in the way things sort of look in the film. From the many struggles of trying to make a comeback to the end result always being a failure. While some would just quit their are those who never give up because they've got perseverance. Their not going to stop until they make their way to the top even if there are those who might try and sabotage or end their career. From friends and rivals up to the critics who express their thoughts.

It might look like This Is Spinal Tap however it doesn't seem to be that same style we’ve seen before. I guess it mostly depends on what you go for with Spinal Tap on Rock N Roll like Duran Duran and Popstar tries to go more modern as those from Justin Bieber to One Direction. The big difference is it goes for a more mature theme with its audience rather then being teenagers we get adults. Sort of those who were known back in the day as the artists then to where are they now with their careers today and life.

Popstar proves to be a film for the generation however it doesn't try to be one from what goes on in the film. From the looks of things it's trying to be the best and not wind up as the worst.

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