Carol ★★★★★

Carol is like a painting come to live. Every shot is like it came fresh from a paintbrush. 

This is a perfect film, everything about Carol is perfect. The setting, lots of films feel really fake with their setting in a different timeperiod, but with Carol it felt like I was transported back into time to witness this story. The costumes, the sets, the way people acted, all of it was so authentic. The characters, they felt so real and of course the brilliant acting helped a lot. Rooney Mara and Cate Blanchett were both fantastic in their roles. Rooney can't get much better than this right? Role after role she is impressing me more and more. 

Carol is actually a very simple story, there is not a lot of complexity to it, but everything from direction to acting from the setting to character development made this movie so damn perfect.

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