Wild at Heart

Wild at Heart ★★★★

Borrowing elements from his own "Blue Velvet" and injecting an unhealthy dose of "The Wizard of Oz", David Lynch's "Wild at Heart" is one of the wackiest films of his idiosyncratic career - a romance, a comedy, and a sort of road movie with lots of sexual interludes and a VERY creepy supporting performance from Willem Dafoe (and most of the cast really, but his face towards the end takes the glory). Worlds which aren't what they seem collide, whether it be the eternal joy of Lula or the eternal devastation of her mother, attempting to corrupt each other in the most insidious of ways, and this poisoning of their familial relationship creates a crevasse, where the blackness of the soul of contemporary Americana is there for all to see.

I enjoyed it a tonne, but you can see why it wasn't a critics' darling or anything - even now, it seems a divisive one. "Wild at Heart" is a violent, sex-fuelled, and just plain weird oddity of a film with wildly unconventional comedy and freaking Nicolas Cage. That this won the Palme d'Or is a miracle.

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