Dial M for Murder

Dial M for Murder ★★★★½

Amazing mystery film.
Another technicolor film which it becomes in one the greatest Hitchoock films.
This wonderful film is based on a theatre play with the same name written by Frederick Knott.

For no reason I've not watched this film till this day. I mean I should have watched it long before.

This great story is about a wife who is unfaithful to her husband...
A fortune at stake and a lot of mystery those would be the keys of this fantastic film.

Hitchcock who is one of my favorites directors, again making an amazing work.
Each scene being so much well done, with an illumination characteristic of this great director.

Also one the best performances in Grace Kelly's career, an actress who as y'all know is one of my favorites.

Personally this film liked more than another films as Rope or North By Northwest...
I would say that this one should be in a top 4 at least.
Why I prefer this film to another...?Maybe due the duration or the great sequences what show up. Or maybe for Grace Kelly performance I don't know To be honest I couldn't say why.

-Added to my Alfred Hitchcock Ranking✅

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