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  • Alice in the Cities

    Alice in the Cities


    art aesthetic: 4/4

    The photography is just gorgeous, the industrial calm world (like Bechers). It's very narrow, plain and smooth.

    story telling: 4/4

    The plot is significantly dedramatized, it feels like Jarmush's Deadman - pure road-movie without much action.

    theme exploring: 4/4

    Man in his early 30-s trying to find himself back.
    Various curious dichotomies:
    - States / Europe
    - being alone / being with someone
    - taking care about yourself / taking care about someone
    - doing what you think you like / doing what you should do

    It's a very existential movie, but at the same time it's natural, calm and not obtrusive

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  • Group Portrait as a Still Life

    Group Portrait as a Still Life


    Absolutely astonishing image of a post-soviet Russia. Gorgeous collages of technophilia with a bit of Tarkovsky tones.
    One of the best works of the russian Shvankmajer.

    art aesthetic: 4/4

    story telling: 3.1/4

    theme exploring: 4/4

  • Viva Zapata!

    Viva Zapata!


    art aesthetic: 2/4

    story telling: 2/4

    theme exploring: 1.5/4

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  • Perfect Blue

    Perfect Blue


    art aesthetic: 2/4

    story telling: 3/4

    theme exploring: 4/4
    It's sometimes like "Persona" or "Mulholland Drive". Really nice level of symbolism. The theme of identity is explored just gorgeously

  • The Painted Bird

    The Painted Bird


    art aesthetic: 2/4

    story telling: 2/4

    theme exploring: 3/4