Don't Look Up

Don't Look Up ★½

Ugh this made me angry and bored. I hated this. It was so Hollywood in the worst possible way. It's critiquing the thing that they themselves are most guilty of doing. And using the biggest Hollywood stars just paints the hypocrisy even more. Also, it didn't need to be this long. There's no justification for it to be this long. It tried to be some sort of commentary through satire, but it didn't work for me because it felt so...surface level. It didn't try to dig deeper into like why would people react this way or even try to give a hint of realism. Like on one hand it was pushing this idea of the powerful and wealthy just using this situation for their own personal gain, but then they were also trying to show how the population at large is not reacting, and it's just...I hated how it didn't actually try to examine anything or actually critique something in a meaningful way, and just served surface level criticism of everything.
I think this pandemic has shown us that you can't approach these complex global situations with such a black and white thinking and blank criticism etc. There are levels to this, and you can't just make a blank statement about the entire population. Like idk I just am really hating what this film tried to say or rather how it was just presenting this idea of how we all suck without actually trying to dig deeper.
I can't believe this is actually nominated for anything. This is definitely only nominated because of the names attached and not because of the quality of storytelling. This is one of those films that in a few years time will be all forgotten until you stumble upon it on a list of oscar nominated films somewhere, and you will be surprised to find it on that list. At this point I have no desire to watch any Adam McKay films

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